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Don't wait for accidents to happen. Be Pro-Active...

Working and Sporting Dogs
Snap, Senior Agility Dog, Crufts Qualifier 1999 wearing Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots
Protects dogs' feet on harsh ground
Secure fitting for all types of rough work
Can assist swift return to work following injury

Dressings stay clean and virtually dry
Helps prevent chewing and worrying
Lameness Our dogboots allow natural movement of your dog's paws and have adjustable secure straps
Protects injuries to assist healing
Alleviates lameness caused by bruising and cuts

Slip resistant
Washable and reusable
Tough, durable, water resistant
Leather pad cushions contact with ground
Secure adjustable straps for various leg lengths


As with many other innovators, "necessity was the mother of invention" for us. We had tried various types of dog boots on our working dogs and, whilst good of their type, they were either too flimsy or too cumbersome for our needs, or they fell off! So we set about designing and manufacturing our own.
Our aim was to produce a low-cost, durable, lightweight, water and slip-resistant and flexible boot. A tall order! But, after extensive material research, prototyping and testing 'to destruction', we did it!


Pro-Active Paws can assist swift return to work following injury. The proto-typing and testing exercise was carried out by numerous gundogs, as they worked in forestry, on stony tracks, on mountains, in bogs, in rivers and amongst gorse and heathers. The design producing the most resilient, comfortable, durable boot with 'stay-on-ability', was eventually selected.


Once a dressing has been applied how do you keep it clean and dry? After all, a dog has to do what a dog has to do - and sometimes it is raining, or muddy.
Pro-Active Paws will keep dressings clean and virtually dry and can be easily changed and washed if they become externally soiled. Don't forget that the dogs lameness may decrease or even disappear if he is wearing the boot, and he'll feel more comfortable.


What if YOUR dog is lame, on the eve of a big event or during the sporting season? Bruised pads, torn claws or cuts to paws take days, even weeks, to heal and the accompanying lameness strains other parts of the dog's anatomy. As you rest your dog it can lose peak fitness, or you lose your vital helper in your chosen sport.
Pro-Active Paws can come to your rescue. Often your dog, once fitted with the boot, will be completely free of lameness. If this is the case then the boot's resilient, tough, 'stay-on-ability' will enable you to work and exercise your dog in all terrains, whilst the protection the boot provides will ensure that the sensitive area isn't exposed to dirt or further damage.


Dogboots that are washable and reusable. For the main body of the boot, we selected a waterproof breathable fabric made of tough textured nylon and polyurethane, also used in the manufacture of jackets for a European police force. The fabric will retain its waterproof qualities even after abrasion and is very durable. We reduced the number of connective seams to a minimum, so as to limit potential stress points in the boot.
For the sole and toe cap we chose hide. Not just any old piece of leather, but carefully dressed cow hide which means that it is supple yet strong. To prevent wear from the front claws of the dog's paws we incorporated a hide toe-cap, which has the additional benefit of ensuring the boot stays correctly in position, without twisting round, on the dog's foot.
Finally we use a special waterproof tape to seal the seams for our waterproof range, thus making the boots fully waterproof.
Pro-Active Paws boots are washable and re-useable and are fitted according to the width of the dog's foot. They are adjustable to your individual dog's height of leg so that a completely comfortable fit can easily be attained.


Pro-Active Paws will help prevent injuries caused by inhospitable terrain, so they can be used as a preventative measure BEFORE your dog's feet can be damaged.